Assault Suspect Arrested After Crashing Into Church

Press Release

For Release:  02/25/2016

Prepared By: Sgt. Dyon Harper

Assault Suspect Arrested After Crashing Into Church

Raytown, MO – At around 4:19 a.m. Thursday morning (02/25/2016,) police were called to a gas station at the 6500 block of Raytown Road, regarding a man that brandished a sword. The man made statements about believing in God and placed the sword against the neck of two people.  Police officers arrived as the man fled in a large box truck. Police pursued the truck at slow speeds for over 40 minutes. It was determined during the pursuit that there were children in the cab of the truck. Stop Sticks were successful deployed to slow the truck.

The truck finally drove to First Baptist Church, 10500 E. 350 Hwy., Raytown, where it crashed into the front doors. The truck backed up and crashed into the doors a second time. Officers surrounded the truck and ordered the man out. The man displayed a knife initially, but then came out without a weapon in his hands. The officers saw weapons on the man’s person. The man stepped away from the truck, but would not comply with officers’ orders to come to them. When the man started moving back toward the truck, where the children were, officers were able to deploy a Taser and took the man into custody. The man was found to have over 20 weapons on his person, including knives, a sword, and a blowgun.

A woman and four children, ranging in age from 3 to 8 years old, were found in the truck. Police do not believe that the woman and children were being held against their will. Police are still determining the relationship between everyone that was in the truck. There were no injuries reported. Raytown Detectives are continuing with the investigation.


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