Raytown City Hall and Police Headquarters Closed to Assess Health Risk

Press Release
For Release: 06/30/2016
Prepared By: Maj. Ted Bowman

Raytown City Hall and Police Headquarters Closed to Assess Health Risk

Raytown, MO – Raytown City Hall and the Raytown Police Department were closed this afternoon as a result of an airborne health hazard within the building that has not yet been located.  A police spokesman confirmed that air quality tests made in police headquarters earlier today indicated such high concentrations of volatile organic compounds that it exceeded levels set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for safe occupancy.

City Hall will remain closed tomorrow, July 1 for further testing.  The Police Headquarters will remain closed until the source of the hazard is identified and mitigated.  This includes the Detention Center (Jail) and the Records Unit.  The public will not be able to gain access to Police Headquarters.  All persons requiring services from the Raytown Police will need to call 911 or (816) 737-6020.

The Raytown Fire Protection District, and the Police Departments of Kansas City and Lee’s Summit are helping to provide temporary facilities from which the Police Department can operate.  No field services are being reduced.  Police patrols will continue and calls will continue to be handled as always.

Rls Spcl 160630 Bldg Closure.doc

Rls Spcl 160630 Bldg Closure.pdf

  1. #1 by andywhiteman on July 1, 2016 - 01:40

    Has any one checked for sewer gas back up?

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