Fireworks Are Fun But Know The Rules

Press Release

For Release:                June 26th, 2017

Prepared By:               Director of Communications James Brafford

Fireworks Are Fun But Know The Rules

Raytown, Mo. – it’s time for the explosive sounds of fireworks throughout the town. While this is a wonderful way to celebrate your country and show your patriotism, Raytown does have an ordinance that you must follow. You cannot use any rockets on a stick, missiles with fins or rudders, or Roman Candles inside the city limits of Raytown. Don’t shoot fireworks in any of the parks, public property or business districts. And most importantly, do not try to build your own fireworks. Your fingers and hands are important, keep them safe.

You must have a permit issued by the Raytown Fire Department. These permits are available from all of the firework stands inside Raytown. If you purchase your fireworks from someone outside of Raytown you can pick up a permit from either of the Raytown Fire Stations on Raytown Road or there is a copy on their blog ( and Facebook page that you can print out.

The only time you are allowed to discharge your fireworks is on July 4th from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Remember to be responsible when using fireworks. Do not shoot them at anyone, fire them from a vehicle, use them inside a building, detonate them near anything else that could explode, and if you are under 16 you must have an adult with you to use your fireworks.

The Raytown Police Department wants everyone to have a safe, fun time during this festive, patriotic holiday. Remember that others are living in your neighborhood so don’t shoot off fireworks until the 4th. If you would like to read the full ordinance you can find it on the city’s webpage

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