Raytown Police Continue to Offer Free Gun Locks and Encourage Secure Gun Storage

Press Release

For Release: 09/25/2019

Prepared By: Captain Dyon Harper

Raytown Police Continue to Offer Free Gun Locks and Encourage Secure Gun Storage

Raytown, MO – In light of the tragic death of a toddler in the metro area yesterday, and as part of an effort to curb crime and gun violence, the Raytown Police Department will be publishing a series of public safety announcements, starting tonight, in which gun owners will be encouraged to properly secure their firearms. Part of that campaign includes reminding the public that the Raytown Police Department continues to offer free cable gun locks to anyone that wants them to secure their weapons.

Free gun locks may be obtained in the lobby of the Raytown Police Department, 10000 East 59th Street, Raytown, Missouri, 64133. Anyone can visit the lobby and ask for one or more locks to secure their firearms.

In the spirit of helping people secure their guns, and possibly preventing another tragedy:

  • Anyone may have a gun lock. They do NOT have to be a Raytown resident.
  • There is no charge for the locks.
  • They may have as many locks as needed to secure their firearms.
  • There is no identification required, with no questions asked.
  • Police personnel will not retain any information on who receives a gun lock.

The idea is that, if a person owns a gun, they responsibly secure it.

Rls 092519 9pm gun locks

  1. #1 by andywhiteman on September 26, 2019 - 12:33

    In California it is a FELONY to leave a gun unsecured so that a child may access it. I always had a lock on my gun even though I lived alone. My concern was theft and I didn’t want others to me able to use my gun.

  2. #2 by andywhiteman on September 25, 2019 - 21:44

    A great program. Now there is no excuse for not securing a gun!!!!

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