Suspicious Item Causes Temporary Evacuation of City Building

Press Release

By: Captain Dyon Harper

Date: 11-16-2021

Suspicious Item Causes Temporary Evacuation of City Building

Raytown, MO-On 11-16-2021, at about 12:36 p.m., Raytown Police discovered a suspicious device in the personal property of an adult female who had been arrested. The discovery was made at Police Headquarters, 10000 E. 59 Street.

In an abundance of caution, both the Raytown Police Department and Raytown City Hall, which shared the same building, were evacuated. A local bomb squad was called. At about 12:50 p.m., the bomb squad removed the device and will investigate it further.

The Police Department reopened. Police service was not interrupted while the building staff was displaced temporarily. City Hall remained closed to daily business for the remainder of the day. Public meetings later today were unaffected and will take place as planned.

No charges have been filed regarding the device at this time, and the investigation continues.

  1. #1 by andywhiteman on November 16, 2021 - 21:58

    I lived in Raytown from1999-2012. I have previously worked in law enforcement, fire, and EMS fields and evaluate all 3 in Raytown as top-notched. I appreciate the service of all serving Raytown in those fields. All city hall employees did their best to satisfy my needs.

  2. #2 by Chad Huisman on November 16, 2021 - 20:17

    I have lived in Raytown for the last 5 years, I love Raytown and appreciate the dedicated service the Police, Fire and EMS provides here. Thank you all for all that you do for the citizens of Raytown.

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