The Purpose of the RPD News Room

The mission of the Public Information Unit is to directly provide our community with the most accurate information related to their safety and security.  We believe residents and business owners should be able to interact with the Police Department in order to access that information.  We also believe that we are entrusted with a responsibility not to impose unduly upon the privacy and security of individual citizens in the execution of our enforcement of the law.  When the public safety is threatened, we pledge our best efforts to public communication while maintaining our duty to the privacy of individual citizens.

The Raytown Police Department’s Public Information Unit is staffed by members of the Department whose full-time duties lie elsewhere in the Police Department.  They all volunteer for these extra duties to provide our residents with news that impact their homes and neighborhoods.

The RPD News Room is an effort to communicate directly with our community.   We encourage individual participation in the News Room, as well as our other public communications channels described in our Contacting Us page on this site.

  1. #1 by Bruce on May 5, 2022 - 10:45

    What happened at 350 hyway and Raytown rd on 5/4/22 at about 1400hr?

    • #2 by harperdyon on May 5, 2022 - 10:57

      Raytown Police assisted another agency involving a vehicle pursuit.

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