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  1. #1 by Concerned Resident on September 5, 2017 - 22:14

    We heard several gun shots around 10:00 p.m. Sunday, 9-3-17. We noticed several police cars were on Blue Ridge Cutoff & 55th St. by Graceway (old Baptist temple.). It looked like a truck was in the parking lot and being looked at by police. What happened? I did not see anything noted on the home page for that date.

    • #2 by jamesbrafford on September 6, 2017 - 10:48

      The report number for that call is 17-3082. A truck was shot while driving on Blue Ridge Cutoff. No one was injured and we are investigating the incident.

  2. #3 by Greg Davis on February 3, 2016 - 19:49

    I was going west on 79th street between 5am-6am recently and the intersection of 79th and spring valley rd. was blocked, several police, other emergency vehicles and a disabled vehicle in the middle of the intersection that looked like a red pt cruiser. I had to detour through the spring valley church lot to cut through to blue ridge. What was the incident it looked serious?

  3. #4 by KCandProud on July 25, 2015 - 04:07

    Is there any way to look at an incident number for further detail of an issue? Also how can I volunteer to help the police blotter.

    • #5 by Maj. Ted on September 11, 2015 - 16:01

      Regrettably it looks like you got no response to your comment. It is a little harder for the duty PIO to notice those comments. We apologize and will try to do better.

      Anybody can make a request for a report copy if they have the complaint number. The only hitch is that when a case is actively being investigated, the information can be limited. However, in Missouri the basic information about the call has to be made publicly available. The narrative description will be withheld while a case is actively being worked, but the data sheets from the incident report can be obtained. There is a fee and the request has to go through the Records Unit. Sometimes they may see a request here, but the fastest way is to call them by phone at (816) 737-6016 or (816) 737-6024.

      I’m not sure what you mean by volunteer to help the police blotter, but Major Ted Bowman is working on a project to identify and recruit volunteers interested in all kinds of projects. He can be reached at (816) 737-6102. Sergeant Dyon Harper supervises the Public Information Unit, which is responsible for this blog. He and Major Bowman are both Public Information Officers. Sergeant Harper can be reached at (816) 737-6134. The daily incident report summary, which makes up what we all know as the “blotter” is posted to this blog by the Records Unit, which is the repository for all police reports. Those phone numbers are in the previous paragraph. You might start with the Major. Be sure to leave a message. He keeps (more accurately “I keep”) some odd hours!

      Our fledgling volunteer program is described on our website (VIPS brochure). Some other volunteer opportunities can also be found on Community Services page of that website (CSU web page)

  4. #6 by Patty on April 24, 2015 - 15:35

    Are all incidents, including domestic disturbances or disturbing the peace reported in the incident report published here online? Thank you!

    • #7 by Maj. Ted on September 11, 2015 - 16:40

      Hi Patty,

      The items that you see on the daily summary, or “blotter,” represent only the Police Incident Reports submitted to the Records Unit since the last day’s summary. Many, many more calls and incidents are handled by our crews. While they all create a daily log of their activities, not all of those activities generate “official” Incident Reports. Many disturbance calls get handled without the generation of an Incident Report. In cases like peace disturbance, or fights there has to be sufficient evidence of a prosecutable offense, and a victim willing to appear in court and assist in that prosecution.

      If a domestic disturbance involves an assault, an Incident Report is nearly always generated. Even when there is an uncooperative victim, officers may be required to report a suspected domestic assault. Domestic Assaults usually generate Incident Reports and appear in the summary.

      “Disturbance,” on the other hand, is a pretty broad term. Arguing, shouting and things like that are often not assaults. Unless they involved threats that would make a reasonable observer believe that there is reason to fear an assault or some similar harmful event as a result of the threats made in an argument, such incidents may not even be offenses under the law. If there is no offense, there is usually no Incident Report.

      “Disturbances” such as loud parties or similar annoyances often won’t generate an Incident Report. Most often, when confronted and told that there is a complaint, the annoyance is abated at least in part. If not, and it constitutes a violation of some law, then some offended person must be willing to sign a complaint and appear in court to testify to the offending disturbance. We usually cannot, and do not, ticket or summons purported peace “disturbers” based on a complaint that is not backed up by a complainant willing to appear in court. Many of these kinds of disturbances do not generate Incident Reports and will not appear in the summary (blotter.)

      We take Incidents Reports to record incidents of crime reported to us so that they can be evaluated for further action. We take Incident Reports to supported charges of criminal activity being lodged or sought against a person. We take Incident Reports to investigate some deaths in order to help establish a cause. We take some Incident Reports to manage some administrative things like the handling of property being stored for safekeeping; the handling or collection of evidence; and damage or injury to City or public assets. We take Incident Reports on unattended deaths with unknown causes; attempts at suicide and sometimes for injuries that occur on City property. Of course we report traffic crashes, but those are not Incident Reports. Traffic crashes are reported on State report forms and are sent directly to, and managed by, the State of Missouri.

      While we write many different kinds of reports, only Incident Reports are reflected in the blotter. Of all of the calls for service that we handle, only a minority of them wind up generating an Incident Report.

  5. #8 by Joann Miller on July 28, 2014 - 07:13

    What was going on late Friday/early Saturday morning on 68th Street. We had lots of police activity including helicopters and lot of police cars on the street. I live at 9605 E 68th Street

    • #9 by Maj. Ted on July 29, 2014 - 18:35

      Sorry we missed your question. A review of the calls for service shows that a man leading Independence Police on a chase abandoned his motorcycle near 66 & Overton and continued his flight on foot. We assisted KCPD’s helicopter and IPD’s Patrol Officers & K-9 Unit in the search. Because the incident was an IPD operation, I do not have a disposition on the suspect in our records. I know that our Officers stayed in the neighborhood for an hour or so checking back yards, homes and such. The bulk of those searchers were very likely from neighboring agencies.

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